Decorative Glass Splashbacks

Coloured glass is revolutionising the way kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms are designed and glass splashbacks are quickly becoming the preferred alternative to traditional tiling.

Not only are they more stylish but they are much easier and faster to install than tiles and are far more hygenic as there are no lines to grout.

The smooth clean lines offer a more contemporary look and instantly give your kitchen or bathroom that WOW factor.

Let your imagination wander as you plan your dream kitchen.  Do you want to make a bold statement?  Thne go for a purple, red or bright green colour scheme.  If you prefer a peaceful ambience choose beige, white or turquoise.  You get the picture?  Maybe a modern, loft-living style is what you're after - then try one of our new metallic or sparkle finishes which can be added to any colour of your choice.  Your imagination is your only limitiation!

You have the dream, we'll make it reality...

We can provide...

  • almost any shape to match your kitchen design
  • any colour to tie in perfectly with your colour scheme
  • cut-outs and slots for your electrical sockets
  • safety backed glass for your peace of mind

And it doesn't have to stop at your kitchen.  What about your bathroom? 

We can use the same methods to create stunning shower enclosures and screens, or what about a bath pqanel illuminated from behind?

Now that's what we call WOW!

Wherever, traditionally, you would use tiles you can use glass splahbacks.  For instance: around the bath or hand basin, and the wc.  And what about the laundry room?  Or all those places that take a beating from family life: hallways, stairs... the applications are endless.  Just let your imagination and creativity run free.

We can bring your dreams to life!

decorative glass splashback decorative glass splashback